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Frequently Asked Questions

Just need a quick overview of how it all works? Try our How It Works page.

Q Is OilSmart.co.uk an online shop selling Oils and Lubricants?

A Oilsmart works just like a shop. You can browse through our extensive range of products and add anything you want to your basket as you go. When you've finished shopping, you'll need to create an account and submit your requirement to us. Our suplliers will then quote on the items you require, and you'll receive these quotes by email. You can then accept your most favoured quote. We'll then put you in touch with the supplier direct so you can arrange payment and delivery of the order to suit you. The whole process is quick, reliable, and means you'll get a great deal!

Q How long will it be until I receive my quotes?

A Many OilSmart suppliers produce quotes very quickly so you should start to receive your quotes within hours (often minutes!) during business hours. The longer you can leave making a decision, the more quotes you'll have to compare.

Q How much will delivery cost?

A Delivery charges will vary from supplier to supplier depending on the size of the order and your location. As whenever possible OilSmart works with suppliers local to you, very often they are able to deliver for FREE! This will all be detailed clearly in the quotes you receive.

Q Once I submit a requirement, do I have to make a purchase?

A No not at all. You're not under any obligation to accept any quote you receive so go ahead and give it a try.

Q How many quotes will I receive

A It's not possible to say precisely, but you should expect to receive at least around three competitive quotes - maybe more.

Q What are 'equivalent products'?

A Suppliers will often offer you alternative producs which they believe are equivalent to the product you specified. They may quote for this alternative in place of, or as well as what you requested. Often, these alternatives are a cheaper option for you to consider.

Q Do I have to accept all the items in a quote?

A No - you can accept just some products if you choose to. You may just want to confirm with the supplier that reducing the size of the order doesn't affect any prices or delivery options.

Q Can I accept products from more than one quote?

A Yes you can. It's possible to select some products from one quote and some from another thereby splitting the order over two or more suppliers. Again it would be sensible to make sure that the supplier can hold the prices for a smaller order. You can discuss this once we've put you in touch with them

Q What payment methods can I use?

A This will be up to you to discuss with the supplier when you're put in touch. Most suppliers will take credit cards, and many will be able to accept personal or business cheques by arrangement.

Q Can I collect my order?

A Yes you can usually collect your order from the supplier if this suits you and them as they are very often local to you.

Q Can you supply outside the UK?

A Unfortunately OilSmart suppliers are only able to supply to UK addresses at this time.

Q Are my personal details kept secure?

A OilSmart takes your privacy and security seriously. Your details are only passed to our carefully selected partner suppliers when you expressly accept their quote.