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Morris Lubricants K48 Moly Grease (No 2)

Product Code: 1042

Picture of Morris Lubricants K48 Moly Grease (No 2)

High performance all round grease for automotive and plant/machinery use

K48 Moly Grease (No 2) is a Lithium Moly Black Grease ideally suited to applications where an ordinary Lithium grease would fail to prevent seizing. It is formulated from mineral oils and Lithium soap base products with additives such as Moybdenum Disulphide to give it the superior characteristics.

This grease remains stable even when subject to high loading, and protects components from wear and corrosion. Temperature range -20 deg C to 140 deg C.

Applications are varied and include automotive use, plant and machinery etc where it can be used for sliding components and in bearings (plain type and rolling). One particular application is on parts that move little and seldom or where fretting corrosion is a possibility. To be certain of no compatibility issues with existing greases, remove old grease entirely before application.

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