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Morris Lubricants Lodexol MTF Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Product Code: 1021

Picture of Morris Lubricants Lodexol MTF Fully Synthetic Transmission Fluid

A manual transmission fluid for high performance applications

Lodexol MTF is designed to offer the highest levels of protection to manual gearboxes. The product is fully synthetic and contains advanced additives to ensure low levels of wear even in arduous operating conditions.

Smooth gear change characteristics and excellent from cold handling are benefits of using Lodexol MTF.

Applications include synchronised manual transmissions in cars, particularly the R380 transmission in Land Rovers and Range Rovers, the PG1 unit fitted to Freelanders, MG-F and Rovers and some Honda models (all where an oil of this nature and specification is called for). Additional applications include certain transaxles and transfer boxes (non hypoid) fitted to passenger cars.

Lodexol MTF meets: API GL4.

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