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Morris Lubricants Lodexol SS 80W Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil

Product Code: 1018

Picture of Morris Lubricants Lodexol SS 80W Semi-Synthetic Gear Oil

A SAE 80W semi-synthetic gear oil with wide ranging applications and very high levels of protection

Lodexol SS 80W is a highly specified semi-synthetic gear oil having very favourable extreme pressure (EP)characteristics. Applications include gearboxes, axles and many other transmission systems.

Lodexol SS is available in grades that meet a very wide range of API GL specifications, helping to allow a smaller inventory of products to serve all needs in a mixed fleet situation. The semi-synthetic formulation means favourable 'from cold' characteristics, and very good protection in circumstances of high speed and load at working temperatures. Lodexol SS 80W is compatible with any existing mineral oil.

Where the grade called for and specification can be matched, applications include: manual gearboxes, semi-automatic gearboxes, transaxles, transfer boxes, differentials, axles, reduction hubs, PTO boxes, steering gear, oil lubricated wheel bearings, angle drives, hoist/winch gearboxes, slew gears/rings, track drive gearboxes, track rollers/idlers, etc.

Lodexol SS 80W meets the following specifications: API GL1/2/3/4 and Ford ESD-M2C175-A.

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