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Morris Lubricants Lydian Degreaser Fluid

Product Code: 1049

Picture of Morris Lubricants Lydian Degreaser Fluid

A highly effective general purpose degreaser for cleaning engines and other surfaces

Lydian Degreaser removes oil, grime and general dirt build up from engines and most metal and masonary surfaces making it a very useful product around the workshop.

Lydian can be applied by brush, spray or by immersion of small components. After rinsing with water, the product leaves no harmful residues.

For maximum effectiveness, leave to soak in for a few hours or overnight before rinsing. Care must be exercised as Lydian may cause damage to tarmac and some plastic components (eg on engines or in parts washers) due to its srength. Lydian must never be allowed to enter drains or water courses (even in a diluted state).

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