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Shell Glycoshell Antifreeze Concentrate

Product Code: 1109

Picture of Shell Glycoshell Antifreeze Concentrate

A premium long life antifreeze offering extended drain intervals

Shell Glycoshell Antifreeze Concentrate is a premium quality antifreeze and summer coolant supplied in concentrated form. The product is free of borates, silicates, nitrites, amines and phosphates and provides superior protection against frost and corrosion. Protection can last for up to four years when used as per instructions at 50% concentration in pure water.

Due to the advanced nature of this product and for maximum protection, it is not recommended for addition to existing coolants and systems should be drained and flushed prior to filling.

Shell Glycoshell Antifreeze Concentrate meets the following specifications (when used correctly at 50% concentration in high quality water): Audi: TL-774 F; Ford: WSS-M97B44-D; GM: 6277; MAN: MAN 324 Typ SNF; Seat: TL-774 F; Scania: 0-89 1027 GT EN; Skoda: TL-774 F; VW: TL-774 F; Mercedes Benz: DBL 7700.02; MTU: MTL 5048; Porsche: TL-774F.

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