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Shell Tellus 100 Hydraulic Oil

Product Code: 1102

Picture of Shell Tellus 100 Hydraulic Oil

A quality ISO VG 100 grade hydraulic oil with wide ranging applications

Shell Tellus hydraulic oils are quality high viscosity mineral based products with a wide range of applications in mobile and stationary hydraulic and fluid power transmission systems.

High levels of thermal stability, outstanding wear protection and excellent air release and anti-foam characteristics make Tellus hydraulic fluids a benchmark product in the industry.

Tellus Hydraulic Oils are available in a variety of grades and meet the following specifications/requirements: CINCINNATI: P-68 (ISO 32); CINCINNATI: P-70 (ISO 46); CINCINNATI: P-69 (ISO 68); DENISON: HF-0; DENISON: HF-1; DENISON: HF-2; Eaton (Vickers:) M-2950 S; Eaton (Vickers): I-286 S; ISO: 11158 HM; AFNOR: NF-E 48-603; ASTM: 6158-05 HM; Bosch Rexroth: Ref 17421-001 and RD 220-1/04.03; DIN: 51524 Part 2 HLP type; GB: 111181-1-94 HM; GM: LS/2; Swedish Standard: SS 15 54 34 AM.

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