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Retinax EP 2 Grease

Small Picture of Retinax EP 2 Grease

A high quality extreme pressure multipurpose lithium grease for automotive use

By: Shell

Retinax HD 2 Grease

Small Picture of Retinax HD 2 Grease

A long life automotive multipurpose grease

By: Shell

Multis EP 2

Small Picture of Multis EP 2

A general purpose NLGI 2 lithium/calcium extreme pressure grease with many applications

By: Total

K25 Graphited Calcium Grease

Small Picture of K25 Graphited Calcium Grease

A high performance grease with graphite additive and many general purpose applications

By: Morris Lubricants

K42EP Lithium Multipurpose Grease

Small Picture of K42EP Lithium Multipurpose Grease

A general purpose grease with many applications both on and off road

By: Morris Lubricants

K383 Copper Anti-seize

Small Picture of K383 Copper Anti-seize

Lubricant especially designed for application to mating parts and helping ensure easy subsequent disassembly

By: Morris Lubricants