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OilSmart.co.uk Terms and Conditions of Use

OilSmart.co.uk provides a service which allows potential purchasers (users) to submit details of requirements for products via its web site. These requirement details are forwarded to a number of potential suppliers inviting them to provide a quotation for the user, which is in turn forwarded to the user by OilSmart.co.uk.

Users are able to use the OilSmart.co.uk web site to communicate their acceptance of such quotations to suppliers, and in this event OilSmart.co.uk puts the user and the supplier in contact by emailing each with the other's contact details so they may conclude their business independently.

It is a condition of the use of the service for both users and suppliers, that they understand and accept that any resulting contract to supply is one between the user and supplier only, and that OilSmart.co.uk accepts no liability to either party for losses arising as a result of such a contract.

Whilst efforts are made to ensure suppliers and users are bona fide and understand their obligations, users and suppliers must each accept their responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the acceptability of the party with whom they are contracting, and of all aspects of any resulting contract for supply they may enter into.

Thank you for using OilSmart.co.uk.